Artist drawing your Vtuber,
OC illustrations, emotes, and more!


Commission status
🖌Skeb: OPEN
Current Waitlist :2(+🧶OPEN)All requests on Skeb are 2000¥‼︎
There are reference prices at SKIMA and BOOTH. (include consultation and retakes)
Booth also makes amigurumi (stuffed knit animals)

Half Body

Full Body

Other illustrations

My Styles

① Basic Style ② Anime style

③ Muscular ④ Chibi Style

Half Body 2000¥
Full Body 3000¥


COST   2500¥


  • I will not draw characters from games or animes, all requests must be of an original character(s

  • You can request Skeb or SKIMA or BOOTH.

  • Please contact me via Twitter DM for BOOTH request (illustrations and amigurumi).

  • Amigurumi will incur additional shipping charges from Japan.

  • All payments are by card, VISA or Mastercard (Skeb also accepts JCB and DISCOVER )(BOOTH PayPal payment also accepts DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS)

  • I work in order of requests received.

  • The finished product will be added to a portfolio that may be published as examples of previous work.

  • Clients are able to use commissioned works on all media forms. Once a commission is complete a post will be published on Twitter showing it (unless requested otherwise.)

  • I am a native Japanese speaker and use a translation tool for other languages so please excuse if I do not understand your request.

In addition, I also offer character sheets, banners, character design, simple gif animations, group photos, and more!Skeb commissions are 2000¥ but Skeb does not allow retakes or consultations.
SKIMA allows retakes or consultations!


Pngtuber design
Full boday OK

COST 3000¥